Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Story

Eventually we were able to repack the majority of the hobby boxes.

After a couple days work we were able to get most of the underbed storage boxes and plastic bankers boxes into some semblance of order.

Another day of working and this is what we had.  Later, we got two more rows into this shed, that's 216 underbed storage boxes.  We had more in another shed for a total of over 300.  Note each one is labelled, weighted, and the lighter ones are on top of the heavier ones.  The only exception is a few on the very top have broken lids and so can't be stacked for now.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Story

While picking up a box and twisting to the left I injured my back.  Of course, it was late night on Friday and I had to wait to see the doctor on Monday.  I spent the next four days in terrible pain, unable to do much of anything apart from sleep, and visit the doctor.

After several doctor visits I was able to walk around for short periods and MRS Bunkermeister and I returned to working in the sheds.  She worked and I sat on a box and watched her, for no more than about 20 minutes, every other day.

It took a month for me to get better.  On top of that we both got terrible colds, MRS Bunkermeister was the worst and we got very little work done.  In the meantime, we worried that models and other stuff was being crushed by the weight pressing down on them!

A special Thank You, goes out to my readers in South Korea!  Thank you for reading.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Story

I told them we had five sheds that were paid for but had a sixth reserved if we needed it.  They managed to pack everything into five sheds.  They managed that by packing the 10 x 10 x 10 foot sheds as a solid box of stuff that would not hold another 1/72nd scale plastic figure.  They packed underbed storage boxes from floor to ceiling with some stacks being over 200 pounds.

I know they were that heavy because I personally weighed every box once it was packed and wrote in black numbers on white tape on the end of each plastic box the weight in pounds.  Most were in the 6 to 12 pounds range but the heaviest was nearly 30 pounds.  Still, if you stack 20 of them on top of each other you get a lot of weight on the bottom box.

MRS. Bunkermeister and I spent the next several days using the 6th shed to repack boxes.  I found about 20 underbed storage boxes and a few other boxes that were crushed by the weight put on top of them.  I don't think any of the models were damaged, but I have not made a careful inspection of the contents, yet.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Story

So we and the collection arrived in Scottsville, Kentucky and had to unload.  We started with four crew and two trucks.  They driver said they were past Nashville and would be in Scottsville early the next day.  So we drove eleven straight hours to get about where they said they would be and got a hotel room.  How they could have passed us and got 300 miles ahead of us we could not figure out.

The next morning we agreed to meet the trucks at the storage sheds in Scottsville at
about noon.  They were not there, and said they were still the other side of Nashville.  How they got behind us an 50 miles farther back is also a mystery!  They arrived several hours late, and with only three crew instead of four.  Their stories varied about how they lost crewman #4.

Two of them unloaded the trucks, while one packed the sheds.  One of them managed to fall down over one of the hand trucks.  The crew leader managed to fall four feet off the moving lift gate and hit his head on the asphalt below.  I guess that's why the instructions say, don't ride on the lift gate.  Both of our wounded claimed was only a flesh wound and continued to work.